Pain Neutralization Technique (PNT)

A Whole New Way to Stop Pain in Seconds!

Pain Neutralization Technique is one of the amazing techniques that I use in my practice. This is also one of the reasons why I have great success in treating different types of joint and muscle pain conditions. Many of my patients who have received this type of treatment are astounded with their results especially that it uses only light pressure and produces great results in a short amount of time.

“Before I started physical therapy, I could not raise my arm, bend my elbow and move my thumb—every movement was extremely painful. But when Oliver started working with me using just gentle pressure to eliminate some trigger points in my neck and arm, I noticed immediate improvement of my pain. It was amazing and I was impressed! My symptoms continue to improve throughout the course of my treatment, and now that I’m done I’m pain free!”
Rocio M. (Arthritis, elbow and wrist)

Trigger Points are often overlooked causes of joint and muscular pain.

Trigger Points are tight band of muscles or contraction knots in the muscle of our body; they often feel like nodules to palpation and are very sensitive and painful when pressed. These points more often cause or worsen many painful conditions such as:

• Neck pain

• Low back pain

• Headache

• Migraine

• Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)

• Frozen shoulder

• Sciatica

• Ileotibial band syndrome

• Post surgical and non pathological abdominal pain

• Cervical and lumbar disc syndrome

• And others …

In my experience, these trigger points are usually found in the muscles close to your symptom. Patients with a migraine or headache usually have trigger points in the upper trapezius muscles; patients with sciatica usually have them in the piriformis; and low back pain in the quadratus lumburom.

Majority of the patients that I have treated usually don’t notice their trigger points until after the palpatory physical examination is performed.

If your joint or muscle pain is associated with these points you’ll be surprised how your symptoms will improve dramatically when these points are eliminated.

What is Pain Neutralization Technique and how does it work?

Pain Neutralization Technique is manual technique that uses simple neurological reflexes to treat trigger points that are associated with any muscle or joint pain condition. It is based on the Clasp Knife Reflex (also called Golgi Tendon Organ Reflex) principles, which is a defensive reflex protecting our muscles from injury.

One example of this reflex is when you try to flex your biceps with a dumbbell or weight heavier than what your arm can handle will result in the arm giving way, which is a protective mechanism to prevent that muscles from tear.

The technique intentionally triggers this reflex in the muscle where tender trigger point is present. It uses a specific stimulation, vector, and pressure by hand to activate the clasp knife reflex. When stimulated the once tense band of muscles will relax and immediately lose its tenderness when pressed. This in turn, might help to resolve long term symptoms that were caused or exacerbated by that trigger point.

Pain Neutralization Technique does not use mechanical force for treatment, and is entirely different from other procedures for treating trigger points (e.g. ischemic compression, strain counterstrain, massage, myofascial release, etc.). Unlike other techniques, it uses finger tips with light pressure. You can rest assured that you will feel no discomfort when the procedure is performed on you.

How is Pain Neutralization Technique performed to me?

Initially, a palpatory examination is carried out to find areas where trigger points are present. Once a trigger point is determined, the reflex is then initiated by proper stimulation of the muscle. If it’s the correct reflex for that trigger point, within seconds (not always) the point will no longer be painful when pressed! Very often, your symptom associated with that trigger point will clear as well. Sometimes the symptom will improve immediately, and sometimes it will resolve after several treatments.

Surprisingly, majority of my patients their trigger points would relax and disappear within seconds of correctly applying the technique. At times less improvement is noted if the direction or pressure of application is not right. When the application is changed, the improvement would often totally eliminate the points.

I have always seen instant reduction or elimination of trigger points when using this method, but in some cases it does not affect or change the patient’s symptoms (or main complaint). Some pain is not associated with trigger points, but eliminating these points often, but not always affects the symptom.

Some trigger points will continue to recur after each treatment; however the majority of these points will improve if treatment is continued, and be totally unnoticeable after three to five visits.

Tips and Advices

Things to avoid that could perpetuate (or be responsible for) trigger points.

• Don't snap your own neck

• Don't sleep face down

• Don't fall asleep sitting and watching TV (your head could possibly drop and overstretches your neck)

• Don't hold a cell phone between your ear and shoulder

Some success stories with Pain Neutralization Technique.

“Before coming to restore Physical Therapy to work with Oliver, I had six months of lower back pain…After my initial session with Oliver I walked out and feeling so much better! … I strongly recommend this practice to others.”

Deanna K. (Low back pain). Media Specialist. Rochester Hills, Michigan.

“I have derived significant benefit from the physical therapy services I received from Oliver of Restore Physical Therapy. I had musculoskeletal pain and discomfort in my lower back/pelvis that made it difficult to sleep. After the first week of treatment I could already feel an improvement—my almost-new mattress began to feel comfortable again!”

Carol P. (low back/pelvic pain). Sound and Vibration Engineer. Rochester Hills, Michigan.

"I’ve had six visits thus far and at this point I’ve been pain free for three days! After 3 months of constant pain. It’s quite amazing…"

Leslie L.(Knee injury). Landscaper. Roseville, Michigan.

"I started coming to Oliver with continuing back pain in over 20 years. He started treating me, and each time I felt better. At the present time I am pain free!"

Mary L. (Back Pain). Registered LPN. Troy, Michigan

"I have had lower back pain for about 2 years. I had gone to chiropractors and a physical therapist but I still had the pain. Then I decided to go to Restore Physical Therapy and Oliver became my therapist. To my amazement the pain gradually started to ease. He just used gentle pressure with his fingers eliminating those tender areas in my back that I did not know they were there… Now at the completion of my treatments, I am able to do yard work, shop…, climb up and down steps and sleep soundly without pain…"

Alfred D. (low back pain). Retired. Warren,Michigan.

As I always say… most of my patients who received our treatment program are ecstatic about the results… You won’t know until you try them how they’ll work for you!

Best Regards,

Oliver Patalinghug, PT

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"… after few sessions my sciatic pain has practically disappeared. This type of therapy was much more useful to me than the heat packs and ultrasounds that I received in prior therapy."

Jacalyn H.

"The techniques worked and my back is pain free! I would recommend this to everybody, because it works. Try and find out.”

Cartwright V.

"...I noticed immediate improvement of my pain. It was amazing and I was impressed!"

Rocio M.

"... My recommendation to Restore Physical Therapy cannot be described in words, only in actions... To anyone with a problem I would say follow in my footsteps to do better than ever."

Mollie J.

“Before coming to restore Physical Therapy I had six months of lower back pain…After my initial session with Oliver I walked out and feeling so much better! I’ve strongly recommend this practice to others.”

Deanna K.