Why live with Shoulder Muscle Pain? Get rid of it now…

Are you suffering from a painful shoulder? Why live with it?... Instead let’s try and find out the ways and means of relieving the discomfort associated with intense shoulder muscle pain.

However, the first thing that you need to know is to learn a little more about the main causes. It may so be that you are unable to move your shoulder at all owing to a severe shoulder joint pain. Or the pain is traveling downwards resulting in both shoulder and arm pain.

So what should you do about it now? Let me try and explain a few things before we get down to the details.

Any problem that you may have in moving your shoulder has a specific cause behind it. While your shoulder muscle pain can develop slowly over a days, you may often experience an intense shooting pain in your shoulder when you try to move it. The reasons behind each kind of pain may differ as well.

Let us now take a look at some of the most important causes of shoulder muscle pain.

Shoulder Bursitis- Inflammation due to the infection in the fluid filled sac of your shoulder is known as shoulder bursitis. Click the link to find out more about the ways and means of getting rid of this extremely painful condition.

Shoulder Tendinitis- The stiffness and pain due to shoulder tendinitis can be kept in control. Click the link to get all the details including the different methods of treatment.

Shoulder Sprain – Stretching the shoulder muscles beyond a point might cause injury to the ligaments that support the shoulder joint resulting in a sprain. A portion of the ligament may get torn off resulting in severe pain. Click the link to learn more about the risks and ways of prevention.

Bicep/Biceps Pain- The painful condition of the biceps is one of main causes of shoulder muscle pain. This occurs due to the tearing of the muscle in the upper arm region of the body. Click the link to find out the types as well as the causes of the bicep pain and learn about the various methods for treating the condition.

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome/Shoulder Impingement- This condition is caused when a portion of the rotator cuff muscles is caught in between the bones of the shoulder blade and the head of the upper arm bone medically known as humerus. The muscle may weaken over time if you continue to ignore the pain without taking steps to rectify the condition. Click the link to check out the simple exercises that can help you get rid of the pain.

Labral Tear/Labral Tears – The labrum is a wide band of cartilage which encircles the shallow cup of the shoulder joint. This band, which comes in the way during any shoulder injury, may get torn frequently. The labrum may also get torn as it becomes weak with age. Click the link to get the details of treatment.

Subacromial Bursitis- The sac containing the fluid which helps in smooth functioning of the supraspinatus muscle running along from the shoulder to the upper arm is known as the subacromial bursa. Infection of the bursa causes pain as well as inflammation and is known as subacromial bursitis. Regular exercises help to relieve the pain considerably. Click the link to learn all about them.

Adhesive Capsulitis/ Frozen Shoulder - This condition hampers the movement of the shoulder joint to a great extent. It is extremely painful as well. Physical therapy is a must for treating a frozen shoulder. Click the link to find out more about the healing process.

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